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Six Sigma is an integrated, disciplined proven approach for improving business performance.

Six Sigma is a management methodology driven by data which focuses on projects that will produce measurable business results. For example GE Capital saved $2 Billion in 1999 using Six Sigma.

Six Sigma is based upon improving processes by understanding and controlling variation, thus improving predictability of business processes.

Six Sigma is not just a training. Each participant is required to have a leadership approved project prior to training to generate huge cost savings.

Program Objective

The objective of the Six Sigma Green Belt Training program is to develop effective practitioners of the Six Sigma methods and tools that are necessary to execute an engineering improvement project. With this knowledge and skills, Green Belts can:

Work with Black Belts in the identification and subsequent implementation of improvement projects.

Effectively lead teams to complete projects.

Apply the Six Sigma methodology and tools.

Control the day to day quality of their respective products.

Acquire practical and working knowledge of process improvement and control techniques.

Use Minitab and Excel software to perform statistical analysis.

Program Overview

This program is consists of instructional sessions and one application project for each trainee. With the project, the trainee can apply, practice and review the methods and tools learned in the instructional sessions. Each trainee is required to demonstrate the use of these methods and tools in the project reviews during the end of the session and required to take an exam.

Who Should Attend

This training is intended for engineers or executives that need training in the fundamental Six Sigma tools. Delegates would at least need a Diploma or its equivalent, have 2 years of working experience and are PC literate.

Program Methodology

The conduct of the training is a combination of presentations, group discussions, and exercises resulting in highly interactive sessions. The trainee is required to accomplish 1 six sigma project and pass 3 examinations to finish the course.


Total of 96 hours (12 days) of extensive training and 3 onsite project reviews.

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Program Outline

Define Phase

Section 1: Six Sigma Overview

Section 2: The DMAIC Approach

Section 3: Introduction to Minitab

Section 4: Graphical Tools

Measure Phase

Section 5: Data Collection and Basic Statistics I

Section 6: Measurement System Analysis

Section 7: Process Capability and Normality Test

Section 8: Process Mapping

Analyze Phase

Section 9: Effective Team Process

Section 10: Failure Mode and Effect Analysis

Section 11: Error Proofing

Section 12: Basic Statistics II

Section 13: Hypothesis Testing

Section 14: Analysis of Variance

Section 15: Non Parametric Statistics

Section 16: Chi-Square Test

Improve Phase

Section 17: Correlation and Regression

Section 18: DOE Introduction and Planning

Section 19: DOE Design

Section 20: DOE Analysis

Section 21: Taguchi and Full Factorial DOE

Section 22: Solutions Identification, Evaluation and Implementation Planning

Control Phase

Section 23: Variable Control Charts

Section 24: Attribute Control Charts

Section 25: Improvement Standardization

Plus 3 Onsite Project Review and Consultation

Minimum of 10 participants expected.

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