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Antique Dutch Friesian Notaris Folklore Weight Driven Wall Clock Moon Phase

This clock has a stunning detailed with a Dutch scenery painted dial, and with a working moon phase. The Movement is weight driven and with one large cylinder weight to the drive the whole movement and striking to the bell and would run a period of around 30 hours. A long brass pendulum attaches to the rear of the movement and swings within the clock with a beautiful tick sound and can be seen via the opening to the bottom of the tail section. The 2 small weights are for the alarm, the alarm is in the center of the beautiful solid brass hands and you can see me operate it via the movie link. The small weight on the right has to be hanging and the other must remain on the clip with some play, when the alarm kicks in then the weight drops down thus sounding the alarm. If you do not secure the right hand side as seen then the weight will drop to the floor and the chain will follow so be sure you know how to operate this. If you do not want the alarm to work then you must hang the weight like on the left. The figures on top of the clock are complete and of alloy. The cap/hood has glass windows to each of the sides and slides on/off as it is fully removable as is the tail section. This is truly a beautiful and very large clock with a stunning large brass movement. This clocks age may be just before or after the turn of the century.

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